Coin Collecting A Great Hobby For All Ages

Barber Half Dollar
Barber Half Dollar

Coin collecting is the collection and trading of legitimate currency. It normally consists of collecting coins or bank notes that have become rare or unused. There are also many highly sought-after pieces such as coins with a manufacturing defect or limited edition coins that have been released.

While trying to gather as much money as possible and keep it has been a hobby for as long as money has existed, collecting coins for their artistic value is believed to have started around the fifteenth century. Back then it was a hobby for the wealthy upper class that collected coins and artifacts from ancient civilizations.

Coin collectors normally begin there hobby when they decide to keep some of the stranger or more beautiful coins they have gathered as part of regular saving, many also decide to start a collection when they return from holidays with a collection of foreign coins.

Many different types of collectors exist with some wanting a particular set of coins such as year collections, country collections or subject collections while others are happy to lay their hands on just about anything. As coin collecting has evolved so have the values attributed to the coins. Today there are numerous scales used to judge the value of a coin based on its condition and frequency.

So after learning a little bit about coin collecting I am going to explain a few reasons why it is a good hobby for children to participate in. Firstly coin collecting normally becomes a life long hobby for most people who start. It encourages the child to search for and save money, a parallel to something they will have to do when older to earn a living. Secondly it teaches the child patience and appreciation as they will often have to wait to get that final coin to complete a set. Thirdly it can be an aid and a motivation for the child to learn about the history and importance of money, another skill that is a necessity in the today’s life.

Coin collecting is an investment in your future. If you learn as much as you can and choose your coins wisely this can be a profitable hobby for anyone.

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