The Passion for Collecting Barbie Dolls

Barbie Doll
Barbie Doll

The Barbie Doll is probably the most famous of all dolls. Barbie has been America’s favorite glamour girl since 1959 and her fame and popularity has spread world wide.

Some people value their prized Barbie doll collection just as others value their collection of gold coins! And, in fact, some Barbie’s are worth as much or even more than some gold coins. One Barbie sold for $17,000 and one original 1959 doll sold for almost $26,000!

If you love Barbie, whether or not you are a collector, you will enjoy this!

The original Barbie sported a black and white bathing suit with her blond hair in a ponytail. But, Barbie quickly adapted to the times and her clothes, hair, makeup and even her face have changed to fit in with each fashion trend through the years.

The first designer outfits appeared in the early 60’s and in the 90’s Barbie began to wear designer styles from famous names. Designers Vera Wang, Bob Mackie, Christian Dior as well as many others have created clothing for the doll. And, Barbie has also had her own clothing line that has ranged from casual to glamorous and sporty to career oriented!

The 60’s brought some other major changes for the doll. She got her first set of bendable legs when the American Girl Barbie was introduced. And, she hit store shelves with a Twist N’ Turn waist and long straight hair that could be brushed and styled.

Barbie became more flexible in the early 70’s, she was given bendable ankles, elbows and even bendable wrists. This allowed the doll to participate in sports and hobbies such as horseback riding, cycling and ballet.

While the doll has always been a loved possession of young girls, her real collectible status really began in the 80’s. By this time the original Barbie fans were adults and they began purchasing the dolls as collection pieces. In 1986, Mattel issued their very first porcelain doll Blue Rhapsody Barbie and they almost instantly sold out!

Over the year’s, Barbie has went through many different careers. She’s been a astronaut, doctor, dentist, vet and teacher among other things. She’s also been modeled after famous celebrities such as Cher and most recently was introduced as a world famous couple, Elvis and Priscilla dressed in replica clothing from their wedding.

No matter what trend Barbie has been in, she’s been well loved and very influential. She was even honored with the number 43 spot on the list of 101 most influential people that “never” lived! Barbie will soon be turning 50, but her ageless beauty and popularity will live on for generations to come!

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2008

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