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McCoy Pottery
McCoy Pottery

McCoy pottery has been a long time favorite with collectors everywhere. It’s a sought after collectible that can be found for a few dollars at flea markets or could cost hundreds of dollars at an antique store. The pieces are both beautiful and usable items that are highly prized by collectors!

The pottery factory began as the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company in 1910. There earliest pieces weren’t marked and the now famous markings didn’t start appearing until 1929. And, through the years the markings have changed several times.

The factory located in Roseville, Ohio produced their pieces with clay from the Ohio soil. The first pieces produced by McCoy were purely functional, useful pieces such as mugs, jars, crocks and even foot warmers and poultry fountains!It wasn’t until around the mid 20’s that McCoy began producing the decorative, beautiful pieces that are so popular with collectors today. The records that the company kept on each of their pottery pieces were so well documented that collectors can be very precise about the age of every piece in their collection.

While any piece of McCoy pottery is worth something, since there will never be any more originals made, some are very valuable. Although, some pieces can be found for just a few dollars, a Robin Hood planter brought an amazing $11,500 at an auction!

The McCoy company produced more pieces of pottery between the 40’s and 60’s than all other American pottery companies combined. This means there is a large amount of pieces available. And, a high supply means a lower value! But, this also means that it’s easy to quickly gather a whole collection of your favorite pieces without investing a large amount of money!

McCoy Barnum Animals Cookie Jar
McCoy Barnum Animals Cookie Jar

The company produced such a wide array of styles, designs and colors of pottery that it’s the perfect collectable for collectors of varied tastes. Whether your passion is for vases, planters, bowls, cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers or animals, there will be something in the McCoy line that will strike your fancy!

For almost 80 years, the McCoy pottery factory produced some of the most popular pottery ever made in the United States. Their figural cookie jars surely has to be considered one of their most collectable items. But, their planters, bowls and many other items are just as prized by passionate collectors.

One strange fact about the company is that they never patented any of their designs. This opened the way for the numerous fakes that are out on the market, many resemble the real pieces so well that only a highly knowledgeable collector can tell the real “McCoy”!

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2008

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