Collect a Piece of History With Antique Guns

Antique Firearm
Antique Firearm

Guns have had a pretty extensive and sorted history. They’ve saved lives and taken lives as new frontiers were settled. They’ve won wars and fed families on daily hunts. They’ve made their mark forever in history and have been around for centuries.

At one time there were few families that didn’t have at least one gun, survival literally depended on it. Today, guns have became much loved and sought after collectors items. And, with many guns being valued at thousands of dollars, they’re also being purchased as investments.

Gunpowder has been used in battles since the mid 1200’s and by the early 1300’s canons had came along. But, while some crude types of guns were seen much earlier, the first reliable proof of hand guns is in a 1326 decree by the Council of Florence.

Some people differentiate between a gun “collector” and a gun “accumulator”. Supposedly the “real” collectors are the ones that specialize in certain era’s, brands or types of guns. While a gun accumulator just adds any gun that catches their eye to their collection.

The true value of many collections is in the heart of the collector. And, while it would be nice and often more profitable to own complete sets of items, a real collector just knows what they like. A person that collects all brands is no less an avid collector than someone that has an entire set of Colts.

However, there are many people that do concentrate on creating certain types of collections. Whether for financial reasons, a lack of adequate space or just the love of a certain gun, some people limit their collections to brands or categories.

The great thing about gun collecting is even if you do limit your purchases to certain brands or categories, you can still have a diverse collection. Each manufacturer has produced both hand guns and rifles and they all come in different styles and sizes.

Antique Black Powder Musket
Antique Black Powder Musket

There are just so many choices when it comes to collecting guns. It’s a hobby that can be lot’s of fun, rewarding and very profitable. It’s also very addictive as any avid collector can tell you.

Whether good or bad, antique guns hold an important part of history. Guns have been much loved items ever since they were invented. You can literally see the love for guns in the amazing craftsmanship that can be found in most models.

If you’ve always had an interest and love for antique guns, you will love collecting them. And, remember, it only takes one to start a collection. Many collections have grown from a single antique gun that has gotten handed down through generations.

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2008

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