5 Activities To Boost Your Self Esteem

As explained in my article on how to gain self confidence, building up your self esteem can be a long and highly introspective process. I do however believe that there are short cuts. Of course they are by no means a permanent solution to low self esteem but they can give you a kick in the right direction. And at times that is all people need. The following five activities are very good at giving an immediate boost to your self esteem levels.

Improve How you Look

The sad fact is we live in a superficial world and regardless of what anyone says we all care about how we look. Though beauty is of course on the inside etc a large part of our self image is based upon how we look. Therefore if you want a quick way to become more confident, improve how you look. There are many ways that this can be done from working out and losing weight to just buying some new clothes and getting a hair cut. Many people with low self esteem will not bother to do these things and it kind of leads to a vicious circle.

Achieve Something

It doesn’t necessarily matter what this one thing is but what I know for sure is that low self esteem feeds off of inactivity and laziness. If you are killing yourself working at something ten hours a day and you know at the end of it you have achieved something than you will feel good about yourself. And generally provided you choose something worthwhile, you will also have the rewards of your work as well as your new found self esteem so it’s kind of a win-win.

Do Something that Scares You

Many people are surprised by just what they are capable of. Very little can boost your self esteem more than taking on something that you have always been afraid to do and then finding out that you are actually more than capable of doing it. This could be asking somebody out on a date, confronting somebody that is always putting you down or just making some form of change in your life that you have been putting off. You may be surprised by the results.

Fake It

Though this cannot go on forever with people that know you well as they will eventually see through it, it can work with people you don’t know or won’t know for long periods of time. Faking confidence is actually pretty straight forward. With the right body language and the right amount of eye contact nobody need know that you are an insecure person. Often just seeing that you can give this impression of yourself can offer a massive boost.

Take a Trip Alone

Learning that you are a truly independent person can be very dignifying. Nothing proves independence more than taking a trip short or long alone and realising that you are perfectly fine that way. To realise that you are not dependent on others can also lead to you caring far less what others think which therefore defeats a common symptom of people with low self esteem.

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