How To Become a CNA

If you fancy working in a hospital but skipping med school, becoming a CNA could be a very good choice for you. It is the fastest route into nursing as without any experience or education, you could still become a certified nursing assistant within just a few months. And just because certification as a nursing assistant can be obtained so fast, that does not mean there aren’t real benefits to the choice. For a start, such skills are greatly in demand at the moment so you won’t have too much trouble finding a job which is obviously a pretty rare situation to be in at the moment. Also though the pay isn’t fantastic, it certainly is above minimum wage and if you have intentions of studying more many employers of certified nursing assistants are more than happy to cover expense of such education. Therefore becoming a certified nursing assistant could be a stepping stone into an entirely new career. The work required to get a job as a CNA is relatively straight forward which I will now outline.

First of course you need to find a place to take the classes. Opportunities to study to be a CNA are plentiful with many local hospitals and community colleges offering the service. They can even be taken at regional branches of the Red Cross. Upon finding a class, it is important to work hard. Many people take them assuming that they will be easy but then go on to fail the exam. All the usual things apply such as taking notes and revising hard, they are actually intensive and relatively difficult courses.

Then you eventually take the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam. The exam needs to be taken within the actual state that you intend on practicing in and the exact standards and topics covered varies mildly from state to state. Wherever you have been taking classes is sure to have plenty of sample papers for you to practice on. Once you have passed the exam all that you have to do is make up a professional resume showing your newly acquired credentials and you are ready to start a new career.

Should you make it this far, you can expect to start to earn between twenty and thirty grand per year depending on where you work. It is worth noting that opportunities exist for certified nursing assistants in far more places than just hospitals. Certified nursing assistants are also commonly found in nursing homes, both short and long term rehabilitation facilities and at the homes of elderly people that seek round the clock care.

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