How to Start a Business With No Money

This a question commonly asked by those tired of their jobs and wanting out. The primary reason that they struggle with the question is that they are looking at it from the wrong angle. There are many forms of business that simply and sadly cannot be set up without money. In order to have a business you need to sell a product. If you have no money that greatly limits the product that you can sell of course but there is one product that does not cost you a penny and that is you. You are the product. You simply need to figure out what type of product you are, how you can market and advertise yourself and then you have yourself a shiny new business.

Now for those with exceptional talent or perhaps even a wealth of experience or qualifications establishing the type of product that you in fact are is relatively simple. But what if you are not an exceptionally talented individual like most of us are not and what if you are also not overly qualified or experienced in any particular area. You may think that you are lost and that setting up a business without funds is completely outside your grasp and the realms of realistic possibility.

This is however far from the cases. I will now outline how anybody with the slightest bit of intelligence can set up a small service orientated business without any education, qualifications or experience. The answer is simple, it’s the Internet, it comes in a box. You see the online world moves primarily on money and there are many businesses both large and small and they all require services. While all the bigger businesses demand a lot from those providing said services many do not and it is these businesses that your new business can provide services for.

Should you be interested in this idea, one of the key problems that people face when they are looking to establish a service orientated business online is exactly where to look and who to trust. There are endless sites promising diamonds and anyone with a little bit of sense knows that are they aren’t the paper that they are not even printed on. The best thing to do is simply to go to big name sites that act as an intermediary between those looking for services and those providing them. Sites that offer this service include and Digital Point Forums.

In order to establish what the service that your business is capable of offering might be worth, you simply look through current and past sales. You may be tempted to try to be the cheapest but this will not really do you any good in the long term. Most employers are willing to the pay the going rate and if they are not they are probably not worth working for. Another thing to consider is that said good employers will generally stay away from incredibly low priced services as they assume that the service provided will be sub par. This is simply because it usually is, therefore offering a clearly labeled introductory discount of ten percent is okay but anything more is a mistake.

The other thing that good buyers shy away from however is those without experience and this is the second problem you will face if you are entirely new to the game. It is therefore necessary to provide examples of your work; this is an absolute key step to take. Nobody will hire somebody if they both have no experience and no example bodies of work. Therefore if you are offering something that has any form of end product be it an article, website or script, provide a link in your ad that can be followed to find examples. If the type of service you want to offer does not have any form of end product for example that of a virtual assistant than the only option you have is to accept payment after the work has been completed, together with a promise that if you don’t perform, they don’t have to pay for your service.

In conclusion, should you stick to the established sites, charge no more and no less than the going rate and get the first few buyers to see past your lack of feedback, you can indeed set up a business with no money whatsoever. It will take work of course, very hard work but you may end up finding that when you start another business in the future your concern will be how much it will make not how much it will cost to set up.

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