7 Steps To Achieve Your Career Goals

Many people set career goals at various stages throughout their adult life. Career goals are very easy things to set. On the other hand, actually completing them and being rewarded with that feeling of satisfaction that comes with completing them is nowhere near as common. Many people claim to have the answer about how to set and achieve career goals. I do not claim to have that answer, what I have is the seven steps that I took, that enabled me to get where I wanted to be in my life. I hope that by illustrating these, you will be closer to recognizing the steps that you need to take, to get to where you want to go.

Step 1

If you have a list of twenty different things that you kind of want to achieve than you are unlikely to the majority of them. We are often influenced by what other people want from us or what we feel we should be achieving. Such goals are not concrete and they are simply one of the obstacles stopping you from completing what your real goals are. Forget about what you should want and what others want from you. Make a short list of what it is that YOU want and where YOU want to be in the future.

Step 2

We all want to be millionaires and movie stars. It probably isn’t going to happen. If you are currently making forty grand a year, making eighty next year is pretty unlikely. It’s sad but true. Remove all unrealistic career goals. Attempting them only leads to failure and takes time away from what can be spent going after realistic career goals.

Step 3

Don’t go it alone. When on the road to success, it is not unusual to encounter minor failures. These can be difficult to pick yourself up from. It is important to have someone that you can discuss these failures with and who will help you to remain positive. It can be somebody you work with or just some guy or gal you regularly go for a pint with. You just need to have somebody.

Step 4

Be prepared to try multiple different ways of achieving what you want. There are many different ways to get where you want to go, if you are encountering a particular road block over and over again, be prepared to take a different route. If you have been working and working for a promotion but are obviously not going to get it where you are then going to a different company in order to get is not giving. This is not failure. Staying at the same company and never getting the promotion, that’s failure.

Step 5

Face your fears. Failure can be scary. Attempting to succeed can be terrifying as it not only can lead to you failing to succeed at what you are trying but losing what you have already won. This is in some ways related to the example above. Going to work for a new company is a risk. Perhaps your previous successes have left you in a comfortable position there. Perhaps going to the new company will leave you far worse off. When faced with fear that needs to be overcome in order to achieve my career goals. I always ask myself one thing. Am I happy where I am? When the answer is clearly no, I realise that I must take action and that in some ways I don’t actually have that much to lose.

Step 6

Don’t be a perfectionist. If you constantly look for failure in everything that you do, you will find it. The second richest man alive could have been the richest man on the planet if he had just tried a little harder. If you have achieved some of your career goals but not all of them, instead of wallowing and moaning about what you have not yet achieved, recognise the success in what you have achieved and keep fighting.

Step 7

Take responsibility. Your personal success is your personal responsibility. Perhaps your boss wouldn’t recognise talent if it punched him right in his self satisfied face. This cannot be controlled but what you do about it can be. What you do in the face of stupid people is your responsibility, blaming them for your failure will get you nowhere.

Taking responsibility for your own personal success may mean learning a new craft or getting educated in the industry you’re in. Choose a subject you can apply to any professional setting. Consider taking the time to research mba online programs where you can find a variety of course that will provide you with a better business sense.

In conclusion, I believe that everyone needs to find their own techniques for achieving what they want. I believe that self help books were written for nothing but personal profits. I offer you these steps because they worked for me and I hope that in reading them, you will be closer to finding your own.

Kitchen Nook and Pantry Furniture – Advice and Recommendations

It is said, a woman is the queen of her house, and kitchen is where she rules from. As men, we need to understand the deeper meaning of what is said, and help them make their favorite place even better.

In this brief guide, I have endeavored to take up 2 subjects related to the kitchen. The pantry and the nook respectively. Let’s dive in.

We all have lots of food that goes into our kitchen pantry never to be seen again. A pantry in the kitchen is an integral part of any family home in that it not only serves as a place to store and hide all of your food, but it also acts as an extra space to organize.

If you’re having trouble organizing your food in your pantry, it may be time to invest in some pantry furniture. Most people are content with the small plastic shelves that come standard in most pantries, but if you want to kick it up a notch and get the most out of your pantry space, investing in some better shelving and storage furniture may be a good idea.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can buy to make your kitchen pantry nicer to look at and better at its job.

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Becoming A Life Coach – The Requirements

The idea of becoming a life coach is becoming increasingly popular. It is an interesting job that is both flexible and if successful one that can be highly rewarding both financially and personally. The majority of life coaches are self employed working on a freelance basis and usually supporting themselves through working for a small number of clients. The career offers a lot of freedom as many life coaches work from home via the telephone and internet.

The essential role of a life coach is to offer support and motivation to people who are either going through challenging periods in their lives or just not fulfilling their potential. Such support and motivation can be offered both on a regular basis and through one on one consultations. The areas that life coaches focus on vary widely from personal to career issues, from time management to stress management.

Educational Requirements

Perhaps one of the many reasons for the recent levels of interest in becoming a life coach is that in order to call yourself a life coach, there are actually no official qualifications required. Being a life coach or at least being a successful one really just requires the right personality. In saying this however, the majority of successful life coaches have had some form of management training. It is also worth noting that to be a life coach you will obviously require clients that are willing to pay for your services. Such clients are far more likely to request your services if you have some form of qualification that can act as a testament to your abilities.

The Importance of the Right Personality

Self discipline and motivation as well as strong networking skills are all highly important. Though there are examples of people who just happen to be good at motivating people, a strong desire to positively change other peoples lives is of course a massive advantage. It is also important to be able to challenge people. A successful life coach will not be afraid to ask their clients tough questions as such questions are often the key to helping clients to improve their life.

Communication skills are of course paramount. A large part of the job is not only offering positive advice but also realistic advice. You need to be trust worthy and show empathy if you are going to tell somebody that they need to change what they are currently doing. This is one of the areas of life coaching that simply make it a career that not every body can do. Almost everybody can compliment but not everybody can positively critique somebody’s life and have them pay for the privilege. The other key aspect of being a life coach that greatly limits those suitable to the job, is that a life coach needs to be able to inspire.

Did you know?

  • Specialist life coaches coaching top end business executives in the UK can earn over £10,000 per day.
  • Some cabinet ministers in the UK use £250 per hour life coaches to “deal with the pressures of government.
  • Life coaching is currently the fastest growing area of the self improvement industry which is estimated to be worth £15 billion in the UK alone.


Due to the increase in the popularity of the idea of becoming a life coach, there are many companies offering qualifications in the area. Many are cheap courses, around the five hundred pound mark and are completely unaccredited and hold no association with a respected educational institution. Ads for such services try to give the illusion that anybody can become a life coach provided they pay for said course. This is completely unfounded due both to the need for skills that a course simply cannot provide and the fact that should you have those skills, no such course is required.