In Review – The Acer D255 Netbook

When I first took a look at the Acer D255, I wasn’t blown away. I scrolled through the “Specs” page and didn’t really find anything that jumped out or screamed unique. I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking the machine over and have discovered the truth behind “don’t judge a book by its cover.” In this case though, I shouldn’t judge a netbook by the quality of its outer cover.

Acer Netbooks

Acer has been making netbooks for a while and it’s no surprise that in addition to flagship models that they have that sport things like high definition video playback capabilities, as well as much larger hard drives and processors than the basic level netbooks, it was also necessary for them to target the corner of the market that needs cheap and affordable, basic laptops. I try to give every product the benefit of the doubt before jumping in to review it, but I felt a little differently when I went in to review this one.

From the moment I took a look at it, I had a notion in the back of my head that this netbook would be the same as all the others and that I should just bang the review out as quickly as I could. However, once I actually started to take some time to look over the features and what other users had to say about its performance, my opinion shifted and I saw the light between the trees. See, what makes this netbook so great is that it isn’t trying to do anything gimmicky or special with the product. Unlike other companies that tack on cheap things like non functioning webcams or bonus applications that don’t do anything but slow the computer down, Acer took a simpler stance. Acer is selling a netbook.

Instead of trying to make their netbook stand out from the crowd, Acer made the best computer they could for the price they could and left it at that. No special promotions or campaigns to sell more features that people don’t need. And that’s what I liked. While the computer doesn’t pass benchmark tests with skyrocketing stats, it does do everything you could ask of a netbook, and that’s the D255’s place in the netbook world. Let’s take a look at what’s actually inside and what it means to the performance of the machine.


  • The Acer Aspire One AOD255 comes with a single core N450 Intel processor. You can browse the web for longer with up to 4 hours of life in the battery.
  • The CrystalBrite LED (1024 x 600 resolution and 10.1” in size) gives you the ability to browse the web and be productive while away from the office.
  • The 802.11 b/g/n WiFi ensures that no matter the type of wireless network you’re trying to connect to, you’ll be able to make a safe and secure connection.
  • Windows 7 Start comes preinstalled, as well as a Microsoft Office Starter pack to get you started writing Office documents.


It’s probably best to start off with what is arguably the most important component of any computer: the processor. The Intel Atom N450 in the Acer D255 is the same Intel Atom processor that has been put in netbooks for a few years now. It runs at 1.6GHz and is powerful enough that you’ll be able to browse the web and listen to music without any hiccups or slowdown, but don’t expect to run a Photoshop suite on this netbook as you’ll probably just run into error messages and slow downs.


Just like any netbook article you’ll find on this site, at some point in time we’re bound to talk about the RAM plague that has been with the netbook world since the beginning. The default 1GB of RAM that comes preinstalled in these guys just isn’t enough to sustain a comfortable computing experience. You’ll burn through the amount of memory you have quickly, especially running Windows 7, so buying an additional stick of RAM at the get go is probably a wise decision. It’ll help your operating system move more fluidly, as well give the programs you want to run the extra boost in power that they need.


The 10.1” screen is plenty big enough for watching things like Youtube videos or checking out photos that your friends send you. Hell, it’s even big enough for browsing the web without having to squint. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have high definition video playback, which may be a drawback for some. But since high definition is quite demanding in processing power and graphics card capabilities, I understand (at least for price reasons) why the graphics function the way they do.

Overall Thoughts

This is normally the section of the article where I give an overwhelming yes or an overwhelming no for any product I review. With this particular Acer I couldn’t make that happen. On the one hand, the netbook doesn’t make any leaps and bounds in technology over its predecessors, meaning it isn’t at the forefront of technology and will probably become obsolete within the next 2 years or so. But on the other, more positive hand, it’s a very cheap netbook that delivers on all of its promises. Instead of trying to flaunt its capabilities like it’s the newest hot product to have, Acer is very tasteful in their advertising and doesn’t brag about things it can’t do.

If you want a netbook that just works and costs less than most other netbooks on the market, the D255 is the way to go. I’m not claiming it’ll save the world, but it’ll be more than enough to get your work done as you’re sitting in the airport waiting to fly home.

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