Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media-Few Minutes a Day

You may not realize it, but there are dozens of things you can do to build your personal brand through the social route in just a few minutes everyday. Everything you do affects your brand, so why not implement a few easy to use tactics to help greatly boost your brand in just a few minutes each day. Mind you, some of these may require follow through that requires more than a few minutes of your time, but actually setting up the idea can be done in a flash.

Don’t try and implement all of these at once, but instead focus on one at a time so that you can devote your attention to any response you receive as a result of your efforts. Creating many different promotional avenues at once can be overwhelming and some may end up getting neglected.

Youtube Video

If you’re an expert in a particular field, why not make a Youtube video about it? In previous personal branding articles I’ve mentioned “power drills,” so let’s keep with that theme to give you an idea of how to create a Youtube video around your area of expertise.

In regards to power drills, I could set up a screencast program that captures my computer monitor and sound from a microphone to create a video about power drills. The video could focus on different websites to go to buy discounted drills, or show great DIY websites or hidden gems that aren’t accessible with just a simple Google search.

Posting a video about “Power Drill Buying Tips” may also be great to people looking for some advice on what to look for when buying a drill. The possibilities are literally endless for what you could choose to make your video about. Just be sure that it’s relevant and that it’s professional enough to attract attention to the “Info” section of the video where you can point people to your blog or website.

Workshops in Your Community

Similar to Youtube, setting up a workshop in your community can give a huge boost to your personal brand. Take 5 minutes out of your day to give a local high school or community center a call to see if you can schedule an hour in the coming month to come in and talk about your particular niche and hold a free seminar for people to attend. The key word here is “free.” Charging for seminars when no one knows who you are or how well versed you are in a subject can be detrimental.

During the seminar, be sure to hand out as many business cards as you can, as well as have flyers and logos anywhere you can. Seminars are designed to build your brand, so take full advantage of the time to plug your website and services, all while helping people with a common problem. In the power drill example, you could host something at the local tool store on the weekend on how to build a birdhouse for kids.

Update your Avatar

Believe it or not, there’s a higher click rate on profiles that regularly update their profile picture on Facebook and Twitter than those that keep their image stagnant. People like change, so why not give it to them? Take a few minutes every few weeks to take a new photo of yourself and update your social network profiles to keep things new and interesting. By updating your photo on Facebook, it’ll show up on News Feeds of all of your followers, which is important when you want to stay on people’s minds.

Forum Posting

With a forum signature already set up, why not put it to good use and actually post on the forum? Start a thread on a forum relating to your niche that inspires conversation. While the market is probably small, if you were actually a power drill specialist, you could ask on a power drill forum what people look for in drills when they buy them or what new products they’re looking at getting in the coming months.

From the responses you can not only get your forum signature in as many posts as possible, you can also get ideas about what to post about next on your blog. If people on a forum for your niche are talking about a particular product or news item, chances are you can drive traffic to your blog by discussing the topic even further.

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