Netbooks with HDMI Capabilities – What We Like

I haven’t bought a new netbook since I picked up the original Asus EEE PC a few years ago when it was introduced. It was a fantastic little machine that went with me everywhere except my living room. What do I mean by that? Well, despite my netbook being powerful enough for all of my needs in my business life, the one thing it didn’t ever do so well with was watching videos. In an age where HD video is almost the standard way to upload content to the web, it seemed strange to me that not only did my netbook not have the capabilities to watch HD video with a more powerful graphics card, it also didn’t have an HDMI out that would allow me to plug my netbook into my TV or projector to watch movies at home.

With more and more folks turning to cheaper netbooks as their main computer in their house, it makes sense to find one that has all of the functionality of an actual computer. Below are some of the basics of HDMI and why you want it on your netbook as opposed to a standard video output connection, as well as some netbooks you can look into to take advantage of the ever growing library of HD content that’s uploaded to the web each day.

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