8 Tips To Give Your Home a Healthy Makeover

Photo Credit – Garboodles Soup

Even most outdoor enthusiasts eventually have to come in. I read somewhere that the average person spends about 80-90% of their time indoors. My first reaction was stunned and disbelief. Certainly they can’t mean everyone, right?

I thought, we spend a lot of time outside in the summer, and even the warmer days in the spring and fall. Then I started adding up all the time we are indoors for eating, working, watching TV, household chores, and especially sleeping. If the average sleep for a person is 8 hours that is 30% of our day indoors alone.

As reality sank in, I decided it was time to make our home as healthy as can be. Yes, it was time to give our home a healthy makeover. Time to get rid of the allergen trappings, and mold possibilities that can make us sick. I used to get allergy shots on a weekly basis, and it’s not fun. It’s time consuming, costly, inconvenient, and itchy. If I can eliminate some of that risk for my kids, I’m going to do just that.

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