How To Use Social Media When You Are Moving To a New Place

Moving to a new place is an important decision which requires extensive planning and preparation in advance. You can move to a new place either by yourself or you can avail the services of a moving company.

Your moving experience depends a lot on the moving company you choose (if you are hiring a moving company). Before zeroing in on one company you need to do a thorough research both online and offline. You can refer to the client testimonials to get idea about the long distance moving companies and accordingly decide. You must also ask for referrals from the moving company and call them.

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3463 Words of Bodybuilding Tips, Hacks and Advice – Complete Guide

OK, so we’ve discussed a lot of cardiovascular exercises on the blog already and I figured it was time to step it up a notch and start talking about some bodybuilding exercises. Today’s topics will include some basic bodybuilding exercises as well as important tips for people to use if they’re just getting started with working all of their muscle groups or for the folks who have been bodybuilding for a while and need a few extra pointers to take things to the next level.

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Why A Career in Banking?

Evolution of the Banking Career

Careers in banking have always been a craze in India. During the British time most of the native Indians saw the best opportunities, in either banks or public services. It became a standard norm to work in a good bank. However, now times have changed and international banks have set foot on Indian soils. Banks have now penetrated further into the rural areas making a banking career a great option for all seeking some stability in jobs.

Of late, since the financial crisis, banking saw a tumultuous change in its stability factors with more and more banks indulging in the practice of layoffs to manage their costs. However, some banks did not commit payoffs; they just froze their fresh recruitments. HDFC was one of them. Now, the vacancies have opened to all again that can be viewed on HDFC Bank careers. Banking still remains to be one of the best paying industries and of course the additional benefits you get by associating yourself with a bank are immensely valuable.


As far as scope and opportunities to choose a particular job profile go, no other industry offers as many versatile functions as a bank. In India, working with a bank from the start of your career means a steady climb upwards, especially if you are in the sales and marketing division. Banks start with executive grades, moving on to assistant managers and managers with levels even amongst them, progressing to positions like President and Vice-President. Now, with banking taking on functions like internet banking and tele-banking, the employment opportunities have increased manifold.

Fixed Times and Holidays

The beauty about banking jobs is that they value time. This is because banks operate at certain timings only. This means that, depending upon your chosen profile you ought to complete your work in the given hours. Calendars are marked by bank holidays and thus holidaying is no trouble with a bank job at hand. Some International banks pack off their employees on compulsory holidays for 15 days. Isn’t that awesome?

Super Fat Pay Cheques

Well, this is one of the main reasons why the popularity of banking jobs has never seen a decline. They provide their employees with a hefty take homes and a lot of incentives. Some profiles command incentives of Rs 2 Lacks per month over and above the salary, based on performance and sales. Bank jobs come with their own set of rules while on Indian soil and hence some mandatory benefits like Employee Provident Fund (EPF) exclusive of the monthly net income are given too. Bankers receive fixed promotions most of the times as they have levels within grades as well. The minimum hike of 5%-10% is visible each year at the time of increment and appraisal.

Job Security

Banks have their fixed infrastructure and 99% of the times the infrastructure only sees an increase. The infrastructure requires man power. Hence this means that banks only add more man power than reduce. Hence, it is said that banks offer maximum job security. They may sometimes make do with pay cuts in dear times, but otherwise, your job with the bank is always secure, even if you are an average performer.

Thus, no matter what the global economy says banking jobs will outperform most, at least for developing India.

A Career in Supply Chain Management

What Is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is a complex structure that primarily takes cares of the demand and supply of a company. It starts from procurement of raw materials to delivery across all segment groups. Processes within this first and last step include quality testing, operation, strategic order and manufacturing, business analysis, and operations research. This industry can be divided into two segments, one of durable procurement and delivery and the other being non-durable and its delivery. These two categories differ in terms of their product life cycles making itself available as a career opportune industry.

Scope and Growth of Supply Chain Management in India

Globalization, increased trade ties and deepening Free Trade Area (FTAs) have enhanced the need for improved supply chain management. Irrespective of the big parcels each day, there are billions of parcels being transferred intra and inter country. India’s trade has been on a rise and is expected to see no fall in the near years. With new entrepreneurship start-ups and flourishing businesses in every nook and corner, along with the Multinational food chains, fashion stores and other utilitarian goods and services stepping foot on the Indian economy, graduates and post graduates specializing in supply chain studies and even management techniques witness a strong demand. India’s supply chain management has picked pace, but with technology making success alive by leaps and bounds, there still lays immense scope for this sector.

Education Require

Being a management domain, supply chain courses are mostly a part of management institutions at graduate and undergraduate levels. Some technical institutes also offer higher level courses in the same. However, majority of the courses are Diplomas and post graduate options. If you are thinking of making it big in this field alone then make sure you graduate of BBA/B.Tech/B.E.

Career Prospects

Considering each company, manufacturing unit, or service provider producing any kind of goods and service needs to make arrangements starting from raw materials to delivery of the same, you will have ample opportunities to make it big with this career. Job profiles include procurement officers, supply planner, supply manager, purchase executives, material manager, implementation manager etc. The quickness with which these chains operate is commendable as the entire business of supply chain management is based and effective and timely delivery. You can select jobs based on your education and experience. For instance, log on to DHL careers where you can view different vacancies in categorization like management professionals, operations and support, along with roles for students and graduates.

Requirements from You

Supply chain graduates and management post graduates require being up-to-date with technology. This is because technology in this field moves to reduce the gap in the transport duration leading to quicker logistical solutions increasing the volumes successfully distributed. On the other hand, the supply chain professionals need to be quick and savvy in their work as a lag in their business decision could cost an entire tender and probably even the reputation of the employee at task.

These jobs too are incentive based especially if your profile demands sales in time. The growth of this industry cannot be undermined now or ever!

10 Ways To Hack Your Dress Code For a Job Interview

Dressing and getting ready for a job interview is one of the most nerve wracking things that you have to do. Aside from your wedding day it’s probably the most thought and effort that you put into your appearance.

I’ve personally seen CEOs check out of interviews and not say a word beyond “hi” when someone showed up dressed way too casually, or even if they had on tennis shoes instead of dress shoes.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. There are some really good, simple rules to follow to take some of the worry out of dressing for an interview and will take a bit of the stress out of prepping for it as well.

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Stop Slacking! and Start Getting Things Done – A Noobs Guide

Getting Things Done, or GTD, is the name of a productivity program that was invented by a man named David Allen. It has gained a near cult following because of its effectiveness to help people do just that; get things done. While the program is fairly straightforward, this article is going to help you weed through all of the different ways that it can help you with your daily tasks and show you why the program works. Since this site is called “Social Hacks,” we’ll be taking a close look at how this effective time management hack can help you be more productive during the day instead of wasting time on things that don’t matter.

If you want to skip right ahead to what the hell GTD is about, feel free to skip the section called “The Basic Idea.”

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Netbooks with HDMI Capabilities – What We Like

I haven’t bought a new netbook since I picked up the original Asus EEE PC a few years ago when it was introduced. It was a fantastic little machine that went with me everywhere except my living room. What do I mean by that? Well, despite my netbook being powerful enough for all of my needs in my business life, the one thing it didn’t ever do so well with was watching videos. In an age where HD video is almost the standard way to upload content to the web, it seemed strange to me that not only did my netbook not have the capabilities to watch HD video with a more powerful graphics card, it also didn’t have an HDMI out that would allow me to plug my netbook into my TV or projector to watch movies at home.

With more and more folks turning to cheaper netbooks as their main computer in their house, it makes sense to find one that has all of the functionality of an actual computer. Below are some of the basics of HDMI and why you want it on your netbook as opposed to a standard video output connection, as well as some netbooks you can look into to take advantage of the ever growing library of HD content that’s uploaded to the web each day.

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Road Trip – The Ultimate Guide To The American Teen Dream

Road tripping is the best way to explore the United States, hands down. As a student, I once dreamt about the day that I’d be able to pack up all of my clothes in a car and head out on the open roads to explore all of the corners of the US that I’d always wanted to see. When I graduated, I got the money together and actually did it. A friend of mine and I planned out a route on Google Maps and over the course of 2 months, we made our way around the country exploring everything we possibly could.

Obviously, not all road trips are as long as the one we embarked on, but the basic principles still apply. I’ve done my best to compile everything I learned about planning and going on a road trip that I could so that other people can hopefully enjoy the “amazingness” that is the open road. (Amazingness is totally a word).

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The World of Mobile Telecommunications in India

In an age when recession is hitting the world hard and job seekers are going bananas in an attempt to be ahead of the rat race, the mobile telecom industry has heralded a whole array of job avenues. While the International market for mobiles has been witnessing a considerable boom for quite a long time now, the Indian mobile scenario is no less yielding. Thanks to the government for realizing the immense possibilities of the lucrative mobile market which has led to opening up of myriad job opportunities at different levels. Hence, if you are all set to venture out into the competitive world of jobs and endeavoring to shape up a bright career path, try your hands out into the mobile telecom market. Here is a peek into the Indian Telecom sector and the innumerable job benefits it brings.

Rising Popularity of Mobile Telecom

The metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai have been enjoying an upsurge in the number of jobs in the mobile telecom industry. And why not? With the growing numbers of population realizing the importance of mobiles and need for staying connected all the time, the growth in career opportunities is quite natural. Youths hanker after mobiles, the client base expands and foreign players and Head Honchos of the business cosmos take this opportunity to reap benefits of the growing market by investing in mobile telecommunications. The consequence- the mobile market is showering jobs for everyone. Whether you are a fresher hunting for a good career opportunity or an experienced professional looking out ways to take that quantum leap, the mobile industry is sure to take your career a notch higher.

The Big Shots in Indian Mobile Service Industry

Stepping into the Indian mobile telecom cosmos, you will be elated to get options of joining a number of top-notch companies, both private as well as government endeavors. While Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited offers its array of jobs in various segments such as Design, Communication, Management and Marketing, there are private ventures too which have carved out coveted niches for themselves. Some of the top names in the private telecommunications sector in the Indian arena include Vodafone Essar, Bharti Airtel, Siemens, Reliance, Idea, Aircel, Tata Teleservices and the likes. Hence whether you desire to trigger up your professional life with Vodafone careers or wish to pursue a government job, the telecom industry is brimming with Front Desk and Back Desk career options in various departments.

Future Telecom Job Prospects in India

With the advent of BWA and 3G spectrum, there has been a handsome surge of telecom jobs. Giant names in the telecom sectors are on the lookout for trained, certified and skilled personnel in the form of software and hardware engineers, mobile analysts as well as marketing professionals. The prospects that have opened up in front of telecom aspirants are huge with a number of opportunities in areas like GSM, CDMA, GPRS, VOIP and such other technologies demanding skilled know-how in the fields. In fact, with the growing numbers of foreign players employment opportunities are skyrocketing in this sector and is speculated to reach over 2,80,000 direct jobs by the end of 2013.

What Do You Need to Opt for a Telecom Career

If you do not have an Engineering or a Technical Degree in your pocket, do not look glum. For the telecom industry encourages non-engineering backgrounds too with ample opportunities for MBAs, Lawyers, sales representatives and others. And what’s more, the rewards are quite luring too and if you harness yourself with further training, well, you can dream of a bright career ahead.

How To Use Video In The Classroom For Smarter Teaching

Video is a powerful tool. If a picture alone is worth 1,000 words, imagine how powerful a video can be. As such, videos have been a part of the classroom culture for as long as they’ve been easily accessible. Everyone remembers video day in school, when the teacher would turn town the lights, start a video…and the rest of class become a social hour. But wait, I hardly think that last part is what the teacher had in mind when she decided to show a video in class. When used correctly, videos provide a great way to stimulate discussion and increase a student’s understanding of a topic.

We will delve into the correct way to use a video in class in a little bit, but first, let’s discuss effective and fun ways video can be incorporated into any class.

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