Collecting Action Figures

GI Joe
GI Joe Vintage Action Figure

Collecting action figures has been around ever since action figures became really popular in the early 1970’s.These days, online action figure stores and auction sites make collecting action figures much easier and collectors can often find cheap action figures that can be worth far more than what they are sold for.

The cost of action figures depends a lot on the age of the action figure, as well as the condition of it. Figures are more valuable if in mint condition, without dents, scratches or any blemishes. Action figures are also worth much more if you have all the accessories such as clothing, hats, shoes/boots, weapons, etc.


A lot of people don’t understand why adults collect action figures. The fact is many find it enjoyable to search out original figurines of their favorite characters.

Collectors usually purchase action figures and leave them in the box, in order to preserve its original condition, thus increasing its value. For this reason, most collectors are usually adults as children more often than not feel the need to open and play with the action figures.

In order to determine the value of an action figure, many aspects are considered. These include the size, original popularity and condition of the figure. The condition of the figures is based on a rating system running from C-1 through to C-10. Due to the many aspects, prices can vary greatly; some have been known to sell for thousands, while most will be in the range of $10-$100.

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