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Fiesta Is One of the Most Collected Dinnerware Sets In the World

While not the first dinnerware in solid colors to be sold in America, Fiesta is definitely one of the most popular. The highly collectable line was first introduced in 1936 and was the first to be offered as mix and match pieces.

The original line featured 37 pieces and even included accessories such as a bud vase, candle holders, a seven piece mixing bowl set and even an ash tray! Other pieces were quickly added while some were just as quickly discontinued through the years due to slow sales.

Fiesta Pitcher
Fiesta Pitcher

Except for some color changes to keep up with the trends in home decorating, Fiesta remained the same until 1969. The original line included cobalt blue, light green, deep golden yellow, orange red and a color called Old Ivory that was a creamy yellowish shade. And, in 1938, Fiesta came out in robin’s egg blue or turquoise.

Red was discontinued in the early 40’s, the glaze contained uranium and due to the war the government had taken control of uranium. The government restrictions weren’t released until 59′ when once again, red returned to the collection. This long absence has made it one of the most sought after colors of Fiesta.

In the early 50’s, light green, cobalt and Old Ivory were replaced with rose, chartreuse, forest green and dusty rose. Turquoise and yellow were the only original colors that were continued and the company had also started using different glazes at this time.

Yet another change in trends hit in 1969 and the pieces were updated. The bowls got a more contoured shape, finials were added and the place settings were limited to three colors. Red became mango red and the main serving pieces were only available in one color.

The name of the line was soon changed to Fiesta Ironstone and colors were introduced to go along with the harvest gold and avocado green kitchens that were so popular. However in January 1973, the entire line was discontinued!

Almost immediately after the line was discontinued, the art deco period began and collectors were grabbing up every piece of Fiesta they could find. And, by the 80’s some of the pieces were selling for hundreds of dollars!

Fiesta was reborn in 1986 and the new line was introduced for the 50th anniversary! The five glazes on the new line were much different than the original, smoother, harder and shinier. The new colors were rose, cobalt blue, white and apricot.

The company started marketing toward the restaurant business and the shapes and sizes of the pieces changed. Since 1986, 26 new glazes have been added making a total of 39 colors since it’s introduction.

While the vibrant colors and history of Fiesta certainly make it a popular collectable. Many people collect the line simply because their mothers had the Fiesta sets years ago. And, although the high demand didn’t return in the early 70’s, it’s in higher demand now than when it was first produced.

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2008

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