What Career Is Right For Me?

In some ways this is one of the most important questions that you will need to answer in your life. The majority of people don’t have a clue what career is right for them and this applies both to those at an early age and later on in life. A result of this and a testament to the difficulty of the question is the high level of demand for career guidance.

There are many companies that offer this service and speaking to a professional and taking various tests can be a great help in establishing what career will offer you the most satisfaction, but it can cost you an arm and leg. Keeping that in mind, we started this blog to fully prepare you to answer this question, without having to shell out anything.

The following are well recognized aspects of making your decision towards the right career.

Set Your Priorities

The conditions you will encounter and the salary you will earn vary widely across all of the careers that are out there. One of the first steps in finding an answer to what career is right for you is establishing what it is that you value the most from a career and what requirements it must satisfy for you to be satisfied by it.

Probably the first place to start is establishing how much you value money. To some people this is the primary concern when choosing a career. To others it is more important that they get day to day job satisfaction, perhaps through a career that does good, that helps people. Other people find that they are so passionate about something that the only career that will truly satisfy them is one in which they are free to pursue that passion.

Many people get this decision wrong early on in their life and go on to regret it. It is also worth noting that the people that fall into this category are not only those that chose to ignore their passions, there are also many who love their job but remain unfulfilled as they do not have sufficient income to gain the other things that they want from their life.

Establish Your Skills

A fulfilling career is more often than not a successful one. As such, considering which career you are most likely to be successful in is an important part of the decision. Finding a career that you will be successful at requires establishing some harsh truths about your abilities; unfortunately deluding yourself in this area is unlikely to get you what you want.

Many people may believe that they would very much enjoy a career in sales, however if they have terrible people skills, they are obviously not going to have a very successful career in the area. Similarly, those that would like to be journalists need to be able to write, those that would like to work with numbers need to be good at math. There are people that spend their lives chasing unachievable career goals when were they to have chosen a career in which their skills were more relevant, they would have been far more successful.

It is also worth noting that people’s skills lie in different areas, these areas are spread across the various subjects that can be studied in school and university but they also reside outside of education. Many people who have not performed well in education go on to be highly successful by choosing a career in which they are suited to skills wise.

Establish your Interests

The range of different interests is as vast as the range of different careers. Considering the average workday week of forty hours, this is quite an amount of time to do something that you hate. One of the highest paying careers is that of dentistry, without an hourly rate that many people could only dream of. Such a career is unlikely to be satisfying to someone that hates touching other peoples mouths for instance.

Some people say that if you can find a career that you actually enjoy doing then you will never work a day in your life. At the same point, a certain level of realism is required. Those that enjoy football for example. If you can find a career in which you do something that interests you on a daily basis, are skilled enough in it’s area to be successful and one that offers you the ability to achieve what you most prioritize be that money, making the world a better place or just working as few hours as possible per week, then you have obviously managed to find the perfect career.

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