6 Internet Entrepreneurs Of Our Time

Fancy yourself as an internet entrepreneur? It may well be the highest earning career path that you could possibly take. While for some it’s a long hard road to bankruptcy, for others it’s not only being free to spend all day on a beach but being able to buy your own island. Here are the six most successful entrepreneurs.

Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar is now in possession of 3.6 billion dollars. Yes, millionaires are so eighties. Starting in 1995 with a little bit of web code than enabled him to auction off a laser pointer, Ebay has grown to the point to be a living breathing market place with over eighty million registered users. Mr. Omidyar has also demonstrated that knowledge of programming can be all that you need. Upon deciding that he did not possess sufficient business acumen to guide such a large company, he simply put someone else in charge. Apparently doing so does not does not harm your finances all that much. So what exactly do you do when you are a billionaire? Mr Omidyar has gone down a route rare among his peers and now primarily works for a philanthropy network that shares his names and donates hundreds of millions to non profit organizations.

Eric Schmidth

Eric Schmidth has proved that to make it rich as an internet entrepreneur you don’t necessarily need to be the guy that comes up with the new idea. Unlike Mr Omidyar, Eric Schmidth has made his money not by creating a website but by knowing how to bring direction to one. He joined Google in 2001 after the big idea was formed but far before it was what it is today. In 2004, he helped to bring the company to a public stock offering. Shares that started out at eighty five dollars a piece were worth over six hundred within just three years. The results of his exploits at Google have lead to the company now being worth over 140 billion dollars and Schmidth himself being worth 4.4 billion. Oh and when Mr Obama has a problem with his computer, guess who he calls?

Mark Zuckerberg

Though the exact means by which Mark Zuckerberg would go on to become one of the most famous internet entrepreneurs on the planet depends on whose side of the story you listen to, the success of what he has created cannot really be argued with. He created a site that started out with profiles of a number of students at Harvard. Then students from other universities were allowed to join up. The demand grew and grew eventually reaching a million members. Today Facebook is the second most popular website online, if not the first. There are currently 600 million members worldwide and preparations are already in place to celebrate, the big one billion. Mr Zuckerberg reached his first billion dollars however quite a while ago; he is currently worth 12.5 billion.

Jeff Bezos

In the nineties, Jeff Bezos was selling books online out of his garage. While it may at the time have seemed like a strange way to make money, Jeff with both computer science and electrical engineering degrees at Princeton was actually on to something. Though for the first few years, the road was certainly rocky, he continued to offer a combination of massive discounts and free shipping in a hope to change the minds of those still swearing that they would never shop online. After much perseverance, Amazon went public in 1997. The guy is now worth 7 billion. His current plans? Why, he’s going to the moon of course. His latest company Blue Origin has recently received generous funding from NASA. Apparently they think he is on to something.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Born in the Soviet Union, Sergey Brin parents brought him to America when he was six years old hoping that he could make a better future for himself. He met a guy named Larry Page while studying for a Ph D at Stanford. Larry was an engineering student about to start his dissertation. He wanted to focus on the internet and required someone with mathematical skills to help him in a small project that would analyze the linking structure of the web.

Together they created a search engine that looked at things differently to any other search engine at the time. They both proceeded to drop out of Stanford and work more intently on the project. This decision worked out pretty good for both of them as they ended up creating what is known today as Google, you may have heard of it? They are both now worth around 17 billion dollars and are the richest men on the list. With the growing popularity of Facebook though, whether they still will be next year is anybody’s guess.

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