Kitchen Nook and Pantry Furniture – Advice and Recommendations

It is said, a woman is the queen of her house, and kitchen is where she rules from. As men, we need to understand the deeper meaning of what is said, and help them make their favorite place even better.

In this brief guide, I have endeavored to take up 2 subjects related to the kitchen. The pantry and the nook respectively. Let’s dive in.

We all have lots of food that goes into our kitchen pantry never to be seen again. A pantry in the kitchen is an integral part of any family home in that it not only serves as a place to store and hide all of your food, but it also acts as an extra space to organize.

If you’re having trouble organizing your food in your pantry, it may be time to invest in some pantry furniture. Most people are content with the small plastic shelves that come standard in most pantries, but if you want to kick it up a notch and get the most out of your pantry space, investing in some better shelving and storage furniture may be a good idea.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can buy to make your kitchen pantry nicer to look at and better at its job.

Oak Organizer Cabinet

The problem with traditional shelving in pantries is that home builders usually fail to put enough shelving in when the house is built. Many people are left with one or two small shelves to take care of all of their foods and possessions. Buying this oak organizer cabinet will help you expand on your shelving space by offering you not only more shelves to put your things, but also better organizational sections. Traditional shelving doesn’t allow for much organization except in your head where you mentally divide the pantry into subsections. This oak organizer cabinet has dividers as well as shelves to help keep your pantry truly organized. It fits most standard pantry rooms and costs a little over $100.

Thin Man Pantry

If you’re one of those people that just doesn’t have a separate pantry room but you miss the idea of having space to put all of your things, this thin man pantry is the thing for you. Any of the unused floor space that you have can house the thin man pantry. It sits on coasters and is easy to slide in and out of any space. The thin man pantry is designed to work in small spaces so that people that are craving shelf space to keep all of their cans and food can easily store them. This thin man pantry costs right around $50, but there are many different styles and options on the market that can cost as much as a few hundred dollars. Look at the build quality and shelf space when you’re considering the more expensive options and see if the extra shelf is worth another $20 on the price tag.

Kitchen Cart

For some, a full sized pantry is unnecessary. Some people just want a small kitchen cart that they can push around or leave in the center of the room to store some extra things. Traditionally, a kitchen cart is used to hold kitchen tools like knives and pans, but these days people are taking advantage of the small cabinet space as additional space to put food. Kitchen carts are more expensive than other pantry alternatives, but the extra price adds a lot more in functionality. Kitchen carts can also double as extra work space when you run out of regular counter space. You can wheel your kitchen cart over and add another ten square feet of work room to your kitchen.

I can go on and on about kitchen pantry as the ideas and resources available are simply endless. However, I will refrain from doing that and at the same time encourage you to do your own research before you finalize your budget.

Let us now move onto the next topic; Furniture for your kitchen nook.

I’m sure you all know that awkward area of the kitchen that no one seems to go into but for some reason you need to get furniture for it. A kitchen nook is a really beautiful place that you can decorate very nicely to keep guests entertained and happy, but finding the right furniture for the kitchen nook can prove very difficult.

It may take a few days or weeks of searching, but once you find the right kitchen nook furniture for your space, you’ll be very pleased with the results. Kitchen nook furniture is hard to buy and there are so many different takes on what the kitchen nook should look like that we’ve taken the time to break down all of your options here to help in your search.


Linon Chelsea Kitchen Nook Table

The first option you can consider is a small kitchen nook table. Tables are a good place to put things like magazines or candles for people to enjoy as they come by to your house. The table you buy shouldn’t be that large and should only come out a few inches from the wall. You don’t want to get anything intrusive that may make its way into the legitimate kitchen space. Try and keep the table small and classy to go along with the rest of your furniture so that it doesn’t look out of place. This small table available on Amazon could be considered if you have other wooden furniture.

Dining Area

Solid Wood Kitchen Corner Breakfast Nook

If your kitchen nook seems like it should be put to better use, consider turning it into a dining area. Small breakfast nooks or dining nooks can really increase the resale value of your home while making it a nicer place to live while you’re there. Install a breakfast nook isn’t tough and for a few hundred dollars you can buy a full set of dining furniture to install yourself. We don’t recommend bolting anything to the walls or floors as you may decide later on that you don’t like the furniture you picked out and you’ll be stuck with it. Leave everything detached so it can be moved later on.


Lastly, you should consider some form of lighting to go above your kitchen nook. Chances are that the regular kitchen lighting you have won’t be enough to illuminate the entire kitchen, so getting some more lighting for the area may be a good idea. You can get chandeliers and recessed lighting for just a few hundred dollars and that’s really a small price to pay for making your room glisten. Try and find lighting that fits the mood of your room. If your room has a lot of dark colors and paints, go for a dimmer lighting approach, but if you have lighter colors like whites and creams, consider going for a much brighter fixture to make the room shine.

Where to Buy?

Kitchen lighting isn’t something that you can just run out and buy on a whim from the store. We recommend checking out Amazon for your kitchen nook needs. They have a truly wonderful selection of products that are sure to keep you browsing for hours. All of the ideas we’ve mentioned here are available over at Amazon and if you’re smart with y our money, there are some really great deals to be had.

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