Samsung Netbook: A Clear Winner

Whether you want to call it a home run or a hook, line and sinker, Samsung netbooks are really amazing. Not only have they received glowing reviews across the board from high end consumer review sites such as CNET and Gizmodo, they’ve also been well received by consumers as well, the best sign that a product is actually worth your time. I’m going to dive in depth into Samsung netbooks below, so if you’re in the market to buy a new netbook, I recommend finding out what these little guys can do. It’s quite amazing for the price.

What They’re Going Up Against

While netbooks have moved on a bit since their early installments that all featured the same innards, many of the computers still on the market haven’t kept up with the times of better technology. Some of the most popular netbooks that people look at are ones like the Asus EEE PC or the Dell Mini 9, both of which are fantastic machines in their own right, but they don’t really hold a candle to what Samsung rolled out.

People have a much higher demand for things like high definition video playback and faster processing power so that they can do more demanding tasks on their netbooks while they’re on the road. Me, I never thought I’d be an advocate of replacing my desktop or main laptop for computing tasks, but one Samsung netbook in particular has caught my eye and I may be making the jump soon.

The Options

I’m going to cover two options here, one of which in my opinion is the clear cut winner between the two. However, one may suit your needs more than the other, so reading over both is a must if you’re looking for real advice.

Samsung NF310:

I’m not sure where to even begin with this bad boy. It has so much going for it that it’s hard to pick one point to just roll with. The battery is fantastic at just over 9 hours by default. Obviously, that number is always a bit inflated, but many users have reported as much as 8 hours of battery life actually using the computer and not turning the WiFi off with the screen as dim as it can get to get a reading. Samsung put in the newest dual core Atom processor, which gives a 50% speed increase over the previous Atom processors. The added processing power by itself though isn’t exciting. The added 720P monitor that the NF310 has is what has me excited.

The extra processing power and much more powerful graphics card mean high definition video watching is no problem at all. My biggest complaint with previous netbooks was their inability to play high definition content without stuttering or lagging through the entire thing. Now, I can sit comfortably on my bed with a movie without having to try and fumble with my home media servers to get the video play on my TV in the living room.

The computer isn’t without complaints though. My biggest woe is that there’s no HDMI port to be able to connect the netbook to my TV or projector to watch movies on the big screen. Maybe that upgrade will come in later versions, but for now you’re stuck watching things on the computer itself. And while it’s not the end of the world as it’s easy to upgrade, the computer only comes with 1GB of RAM. By 2011 you’d think that companies would at least start putting in a minimum of 2GB in their netbooks. The computer can’t run well on just 1GB and if you’re thinking about snagging this great deal, it would be wise to pick up an extra stick of RAM to install when your computer arrives.

Specifications (As listed by the manufacturer)

  1. The ultra compact NF310 features an all-new Intel® Atom N550 Dual-Core processor providing up to 50 percent faster performance than in previous netbook models
  2. 10.1-Inch HD (1366×768) LED-Backlit Display produces the sharpest images and boldest colors imaginable
  3. Whether at home or away, the NF310 makes portable entertainment an eye-pleasing experience. It also boasts battery performance of more than 9 hours, making it perfect for work or play on-the-go
  4. Samsung’s Fast Start feature, which easily allows the user to put the NF310 in an advanced state of sleep, enhances user satisfaction by reducing power consumption while the device is not in use.
  5. A smooth, contoured clamshell exterior highlight the NF310’s sleek appearance, while a roomy island style spill-resistant keyboard and large touchpad with gesture support make the NF310 conducive to comfortable computing on-the-go

Samsung NB30:

The other netbook option in Samsung’s lineup is the NB30. Unfortunately, the NB30 doesn’t step outside the realm of netbook capabilities. It comes with the same Intel Atom processor, that runs at 1.6Ghz, as all of the other comparable netbooks in the same price range do. The only redeeming quality (and I thought this was a pretty cool feature) is the free fall sensor. When the sensor detects that your laptop is falling, it automatically moves the read/write head of the hard drive away from the disk so that even when the computer hits the ground, all of your data is safe. Apart from that one nice feature, you’re likely to find the same specs in most other computers on the market.

  • Intel ATOM Processor N450 (1.66GHz, 667MHz, 512KB)
  • RAM Memory = 1GB DDR2
  • 250 GB (5400 rpm S-ATA), 4-in-1 memory card slot, 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Matte 10.1-inch display
  • Windows 7 Starter OS

The Obvious Conclusion

It should be pretty obvious from the glowing review that I gave the NF310 that I prefer it over not only the NB30, but also most other netbooks around. It just packs a punch like no other netbook I’ve seen, and for the money, it’s a really great deal that would be hard to pass up. Though, if you’re just looking for a small laptop to bring to work and back that isn’t for much more than browsing the web and typing up documents, the NB30 may be the better option. They’re both quality products from Samsung, who will definitely become a household name for me after getting to review both of these handsome products.

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