So You Want To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks Huh?

So, you want to lose weight quickly? While losing weight generally takes a while to do, considering your body has to not only burn calories but also extra fat, there are some tips and tricks you can utilize to lose weight in just 2 or 3 weeks.

If you stick to your guns and follow these guidelines properly, there’s no reason why you can’t shed a few extra pounds before your mother in law or friends come into town for the weekend. Let’s first dispel some myths about losing weight, as well as cover some of the basics of losing weight quickly.

Crash Dieting

I get emails all the time from dieters who want to know about this diet or that diet and how it affects their health. I have one simple rule when it comes to losing weight quickly or at all; no crash dieting. I hear about all of these crazy diets where you only eat cheese between 8 AM and noon on Sundays, and only between 4PM and midnight on every other day after that. These diets are a load of bologna and should be left in the annuls of the internet and bargain bin bookstores. Losing weight shouldn’t be about tricking your body into holding fewer pounds. It’s simple math and hard work.

How to Lose Weight

I know this is very broad topic heading, but I’d like to address how to actually lose weight for those that aren’t quite sure how it works. It’s a simple enough concept to understand, and once you’ve got an understanding of what you’re eating and how it affects your diet, you can get a better idea of how you can best implement your losing weight strategy.

In order to lose weight you have to take in fewer calories than you burn each day. To gain weight, the opposite holds true. To start out, and to lose about 1 or 2 pounds a week, you have to plan your diet so that you take in about 500 fewer calories each day. That means if you eat the standard 2,000 calories in a day, you can start by replacing some starches and sugars in your diet with lower calorie snacks. Unfortunately, simply eating less doesn’t guarantee that you’ll lose weight. The body has a tricky way of conserving fat and extra calories it gets to ensure that you stay about the same weight all the time.

In order to ensure that the calories get used up and not conserved by the body, vigorous exercise during the week is a must. A minimum of 7 hours of vigorous exercise during the week (that’s 1 hour a day) is a necessary part of keeping the pounds off and losing weight quickly.

How Much Will You Lose?

Obviously, the answer to this question is different for everybody. If you simply reduce your calorie intake each day and you’re considered to be overweight, you can lose a pound or two a week to get started. However, if you combine your trimmed down diet with vigorous exercise, it is not uncommon to lose up to 4 or 5 pounds a week for the first month or so. That means that within 2 weeks you could lose a whopping 10 pounds of weight.

As I said, it’s different for everyone and there are no guaranteed weight loss programs out there. But by cutting down your calorie intake and working out every day for at least an hour, you can be sure that your body will thank you.


I’m required to put this in here. I sincerely hope that no one would actually think this would work, but just to be sure…

I said earlier on that in order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in. That does not mean….I repeat, that does not mean that you can simply stop eating for a few days and work your silly little heart out to a super model waist line. A minimum of about 1,000 calories is necessary for everyday functions. If you cut food completely out of your life and try to work out, chances are you’ll die within a few days. Starvation is NOT the key to weight loss success.

The Basic Workout

We’ve mentioned “vigorous” exercise a few times in this blog post, but what exactly does that mean? Well, the best way to burn calories is to push your body to its max for as long as you can. Cardiovascular exercises such as running or biking are a great way to burn a few hundred calories in an hour long session. If you’re new to working out, don’t push your body so hard that you pass out, but instead build up to that point.

It’s easy to get frustrated if you don’t see results right away, but if you power through the pain and do things properly, the weight will fall off.

Food Recommendations

A great way to cut back on the calories is to make food substitiuons. You don’t have to go hungry just to cut back on calories. Vegetables are mostly water and nutrients and don’t usually have a lot of calories to them. By exchanging a starch such as potatoes with a serving of vegetables, you can easily cut out a hundred or two hundred calories in a single meal.

When you begin working out, it’s important to remember that the body has a hard time differentiating between muscle and fat when it’s looking for tissue to burn. If you increase the amount of protein you take in during the day you can keep your muscles fully functional and healthy while burning the fat calories away. If you have trouble finding enough protein during the day, a protein supplement such as this whey protein powder from Optimum Nutrition can work wonders. By giving you a boost of protein after a workout you can ensure that the calories your body burns will be from fat and not from any muscle you’ve built.

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