7 Beautiful Vinyl Wall Art Ideas You’ll Love

As an interior designer, I have come across a number of different projects for clients throughout the years. One of my favorite integrations into a few of those different projects has been vinyl wall art. I was opposed to the idea of using vinyl art for home makeover for a number of years because I thought it looked cheap and tacky, but once I figured out the best uses for it, I was not only able to spring some life into a few kids rooms, I was also able to add a creative flair to a friend of mine’s house as well.

Below, you’ll find 3 different projects where I’ve incorporated vinyl stickers into the design. The first 2 are ideas and project concepts that I used to revamp some kids rooms and the third is a project design for a friend of mine in which we used vinyl wall stickers to add some “spice” to her living room. Each project is a bit different and I’m sure you’ll get some great ideas from each of them as you go along. Organizing them into different projects seemed the most appropriate, as trying to lump all of my different ideas into one big article seemed like it would get confusing. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling. Here are my 3 favorite wall stickers projects.

Table of Contents

1.1 Wall Stickers For Kids Room
1.2 A 7 Year Old’s Dream Room
1.3 Vinyl Wall Art For Friend

Wall Stickers For Kids Room

As a kid, my room was a mess. I didn’t really have a theme going, nor did I have any idea where I anything was. But that’s beside the point. I wanted as much color and chaos as I could fit into a small space, and that’s exactly what I achieved. Most of the oddness and strange wall decoration came in the form of kids wall stickers. Unlike the pictures that were hung straight and level, I had the freedom to put the stickers wherever I wanted, be it on the roof or on my closet door. To the dismay of my parents, I even got some of them stuck to the carpet and it took a few hours to get all of the glue and resin out from the fibers.

Assuming your child isn’t just given free reign like I was to put stickers wherever I could find an opening between piles of dirty clothes and existing posters, you can really spruce up a room and add a fun and creative zing to a room with a few stickers. And the best part of all, stickers aren’t really that expensive. While they’ve come a long way from being packaged in the back of comic books and cheesy magazines, wall stickers haven’t changed much in terms of what they can do for a room.

Before We Get Started…

Let’s take a look at some examples of stickers that I’m talking about that could be utilized to make a room more fun for a kid to sleep in. Having an idea of what type of stickers I’ve got in mind can help you better envision what you could do with your own child’s room.

Wall Sticker Decal – Growing Flowers:

If you really want a no fuss approach to wall stickers, this is a good place to start. They’re easy to apply and remove (meaning they won’t leave behind any residue or muck on the walls after you rip them off) and they can add some great color to the room in just a few minutes.

? Dimensions of Sheet: 27.5? x 19.7?

? Easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue or peelage.

? Made of PVC

Wall Mural Self Adhesive Kit – Garden Flower:

Now, I thought these were really awesome. While they don’t quite fit into the “wall sticker” range of products, I thought they’d be an awesome touch if you have the time to pull them off. What you do is put these pre cut stickers onto the wall and grab some paint. Just like a stencil, you paint over the entire sticker and when the paint has dried, you remove the stencil to reveal the negative of the image. There are 34 stencils in the pack, meaning you have literally endless possibilities with what you can do.

? 34 Large Self-adhesive Stencils for Girls Flower Garden Wall Mural

? No Artistic Skill Required! Peel, Stick, Paint and Reuse!

? Free brushes included!

? Detailed guide full of great tips and ideas

Putting it Into Action

If you decided to go with either of the options above or something similar, here’s what I would recommend doing with the room so that it doesn’t look like a disjointed kindergartener’s art project.

Depending on whether you have a boy or a girl, you may want to start out by painting the room with a light blue or pink color (cliché, I know). While pink and blue are generally considered to be overused, there’s a reason why they’re so popular. They work. Don’t pick a dark color to paint the walls, as any stickers you put on afterwards won’t have much of a pop anymore. Instead, pick a very light pastel color or even mix in some white paint with the light blue or light pink you’ve chosen to make it even lighter. You want to just get a hint of color on the walls so that they don’t look so bland.

If you’ve gotten some stickers similar to the first option above, you can place them along the baseboard just inside the bedroom or on the opposite wall to the bed so that your son or daughter can see them as they’re heading to sleep. Putting them in view from the door of the bedroom is also a good way to make them noticeable and not just another design within the room. You may consider putting pictures and posters above the flowers to make it into a sort of “art wall” where all of your son or daughter’s artistic creations can be displayed. I’ve also seen parents buy stickers like these and put some blackboard paint onto the walls for even more creative fun.

If the stencils were more up your alley, the sky is the limit with what you can accomplish. If you aren’t sure where to put the stencils designs, try and put them onto their own wall. Putting the stencils on a wall with existing art or furniture against it could look a little crowded depending on how many stencils you put up. Within the package mentioned above, you receive a guide that gives you some ideas and insight into how best to utilize the designs included within.

And if you don’t want to try something too daring with the stencils, you could always ask your daughter where she wants to put them and put a few around the room to give the entire room a flower feeling.

Remember, the whole point of wall stickers or stencils is to add color. Whether you plaster the room with stickers or stencils like I did, or you take the advised approach of keeping things to a relative minimum so they don’t seem too overwhelming, have fun with it. I often see parents too wrapped up in trying to ensure that their kids’ rooms are perfect and presentable, but considering the fact that kids will be kids, it seems foolish to try so hard. If you’re going to be doing some redesigning in your kid’s room, invite them to help and share some quality time with them.

A 7 Year Old’s Dream Room

Luckily, I don’t have any youngsters running around my house just yet. Some of my friends have children of their own and this past weekend as they were redecorating their son’s bedroom (he’s 7), I was recruited to go over and help. Somehow my artistic expertise has been blown out of proportion in the minds of my friends and instead of just seeing paintings and going, “Oh, that’s nice,” they have it in their heads that I’m some sort of art critic who knows what he’s doing. So, needless to say, I was there for quite a while trying to figure out what type of kids wall art would be appropriate for their son’s wall.

I don’t remember too well what it was like to be seven years old, but I’m pretty sure I liked Hot Wheels and I enjoyed anything that I wasn’t supposed to be doing. Having said that, I went into the project trying to think of wall art that would not only add some color and fun to the room, would also add some intrigue in the mind of a seven year old, who I thought without some interesting art would enjoy his new bedroom as much as a bowl of spinach at the dinner table.

Where We Began

If only it was possible to have a photograph of my friend and I sitting at his kitchen table with a pen and paper jotting down ideas. Instead of asking the seven year old what he liked, we thought we knew better and could figure it out on our own. We brainstormed for about an hour and a half, grabbed a cup of coffee, brainstormed for another hour, and conceded our attempts. This of course was greeted with the laughter of our wives.

Abandoning the “artistic” brainstorming session we had, we decided to take a brute force approach to getting art for the little one’s room by getting online and just seeing what was available. Despite the seemingly hundreds of options, we managed to narrow things down to a sizable number of options so that the kids wall art we were looking at was no longer this daunting pile of color and frivolousness, but rather a neat selection of paintings and fixtures that we thought my friend’s son would enjoy. Let’s take a look at what I found online and why it caught my eye.

Kids Wall Art Contenders

My thought process for picking these few things that I did was that when I was younger, I was always fascinated by travel. I wanted to create a mixture of wonder and fascination of the unknown for the little guy. The same type of fascination I had when I was a kid.

Wallies Wallpaper Mural 

I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it. I had to admit it, but I’m essentially a kid trapped in an adult’s body. These massive stickers of space travel and space ships were perfect for him, and I knew that if we painted the wall the right shade of blue, we could incorporate all of the stars and creatures in the packet to create an out of this world bedroom.

1. They’re easy to stick on

2. Washable

3. Acid Free

4. Vinyl coated to keep them free of messes

Oopsy Daisy Outer Space Canvas

In addition to the stickers, we decided to get another mural of space travel to keep the theme of the room going. This time though, instead of aliens and space ships, the mural was of the planets. Each of the planets was labeled and it was laid across a galaxy looking background to keep it interesting. It was a little pricey considering the approximately 2’ by 2’ size of the mural, but it was cool looking enough that I knew we had to get it.

? No frame is required

? Wipes clean with damp cloth

? 28” by 24”

? Giclee on a canvas

Oopsy Daisy License Plate Map

Another cool piece we got from Oopsy Daisy was a license plate map of the United States. I always see these types of maps in old school looking diners and thought it would be cool to put in a child’s bedroom. They’re easy to hang and considering how inexpensive they are, I may just have to convince my wife to get one for our own living room….

1. No frame required

2. 47” by 31”

3. Wipes clean with a damp cloth

The Final Product

It took a little longer than I expected for everything to arrive (Shame on you Amazon!), but once it did, we got the room together. Maybe that’s what we get from trying to redesign a room over a holiday weekend. That may have been the cause of the shipping delays.

We ended up painting all four walls a dark majestic blue that looked like the color of deep space. On one wall directly next to the bed, we put the wall stickers to make it look like his bed was floating in outer space. Then, on the wall directly opposite from the bed we placed the USA license plate map to let him take a look at it every night before he goes to sleep. A license plate world map would have been awesome, but I’m guessing those are super expensive and probably don’t even exist yet.

We tied it all together with a final touch of high gloss white paint on all of the crown molding around the room to really make the walls pop. It took a lot of effort to put the whole thing together, and I’m sure it would have gone much faster had we not taken as many coffee breaks, but my friend’s son was thrilled when he saw his room. If only I still had the imagination to blast through space when I went to sleep every night….

Vinyl Wall Art For Friend

If I’m honest, I didn’t really quite know how to approach this project. I’m more of a modern type furniture guy, so the idea of putting vinyl wall art on anything put me off from the get go, but because it was a favor for a client of mine, I had to go with it. Over time, the wall art grew on me, but in the beginning I was really uneasy at the idea of putting stickers and vinyl on the walls. Not because I thought I sucked at applying stickers, more for the reason that I knew that once it was put onto the wall, there was going to be a hellish time later on trying to get it off. Assuming you skimmed through that mini-rant, here’s why I had to get involved with a vinyl art project.

Maybe I got really drunk at a party with all of my friends and bragged about how I was some sort of art critic (For the record, I’m not. I know as much about art as a 4 year old knows about 401k plans). Now, whenever a friend of mine has some sort of dilemma finishing off a wall in their house, they turn to me and ask my opinion about the art that they should purchase. This time around, it was a friend of mine named Dana. She has a quirky personality and is more of my wife’s friend than my own, so as a favor to my own wife to keep myself out of the doghouse, I went over to Dana’s house to take a look at her empty walls. Here’s what we did.

The Idea

Dana had seen one of her own friends with a vinyl wall art installment on their bedroom wall and wanted to do something similar for a freestanding wall she had between the kitchen and living room. The wall was a little awkward to decorate because it was painted two different colors; one color on the kitchen side and one color on the living room side. Dana hoped the vinyl would be quirky enough to not only draw away from the odd color disparity (we didn’t feel like repainting), but also add some life to the one dead wall in her entertaining space.

Up until this point, I’d never had much experience with vinyl art, let alone installing it. It took a few hours of researching online the dos and don’ts with installation for me to finally get onboard with helping her put the entire thing together. Luckily, I didn’t have to help too much with the purchasing part of this project as Dana already had an idea in her head for what she wanted the installment to look like. Moving onto the next section, you can see what she decided on and what we ended up installing for her.

Floral Ornaments

On the kitchen side of her freestanding wall, Dana wanted this floral pattern to dominate and drape down from the top of the wall to give the illusion of vines creeping down the wall. I was a little worried that the art wouldn’t be big enough for the wall, but after looking at the specs and seeing how large it actually was, I realized that we were OK in terms of size. The default color this piece comes in is black, so if you don’t email the manufacturer within a few days after purchasing it, they’ll ship you black by default.

Tech Details:

? 44” by 66”

? Quality workmanship

? Color Choices

Swirl Flower Floral

Similar to the other one we purchased and made by the same company, this one I thought looked a bit nicer on the wall than the other. It looked more natural as a vine finish coming over the edge of the freestanding wall. Whereas the other ornament contrasted well with the pastel orange paint of her kitchen, this one really popped off of the white walls of the living room. These flowers came with three individual flowers to be put up as we wanted. And with each of them about 3 feet wide, we easily covered the entire wall with the flowers.

Tech Details:

? 3 sets of flower patterns: 30”H by 29”W, 11?H x 40?W, & 21? H x 29?W

? Great craftsmanship

? Rated for 6 years of outdoor use

? Easy Installation with a credit card or something like a plastic squeegee

The Results

When I opened up the packages with Dana, I was a little concerned at how the hell we were going to get all of the squiggles onto the walls without them folding over onto themselves. Surprisingly though, the installation was easy. The packages came with instructions for us to use, so with our credit cards in hand and papers detailing how to put the vinyl onto the walls, we set out. Although the product said “easy to install” (don’t they always?), it took us about 2 hours to get the entire installation onto the wall.

My wife came over to see the results once we were done and loved the final product. I’ve been swayed over to the vinyl loving art group. The car ride home with my wife was full of hints about installing the same type of art in one of our guest bathrooms. So, who knows? This may not be my last brush with vinyl.

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