Getting An Insight Into Your Personality Through Your Teeth

Many believe that palm readers can tell a lot about a person based on the intricacies of their hand. While that is a false claim, interestingly, the same principle can also be applied to someone’s smile. Not only are teeth indicative of overall health and hygiene, but they can also be an indicator of many personality traits and habits. Even a complete stranger can get a better understanding of someone’s disposition by looking at the size and shape of certain teeth.

Some of the information that can be deciphered from tooth structure includes gender, age, and whether the person is generally calm or anxious. Negative behaviors such as smoking, high anxiety, or chronic stress can physically alter the shape of someone’s smile. Reducing these recurrent behaviors can prevent premature aging and destruction of the tooth. The most common problem that occurs as a result of all of this physical and emotional stress is grinding of the teeth. If a dentist notices evidence of this behavior at a checkup then it might be time for a lifestyle change. Let us explore more in the infographic below.

Infographic via: Carrington College’s Phoenix dental assisting school program.

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