How To Sleep Better and Fast – An Infographic

When was the last time you bought yourself a brand new bed? Health specialists recommend that we buy a new mattress every seven years to ensure we’re getting the best possible sleep, and to keep our health tip-top. We all know that sleep is integral to our day-to-day function, but did you know a majority of couples are recharging the batteries on a bed that’s too small for two, and a double bed is still the biggest selling bed in the USA?

Those were the recent findings from Archers Sleep Centre. This insightful infographic from the UK bed superstore not only sheds some light on the most popular bed styles from the UK’s bed superstore, including memory foam and Miracoil springs, but also throws in some top tips for bedtime bliss, just for good measure!

When you’re done reading this infographic, take on the tips and set up your day to have the night’s sleep of your life!

An infographic by the team at

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