Infographics – The Multi Billion Dollar Business of Sports

The business of sports in the United States provides more than 3 million jobs for Americans. Of those 3 million jobs, roughly 225,000 of them belong to professional athletes, coaches, trainers and scouts. The rest of the 2.5 million jobs are held by people marketing and managing fitness centers, ski areas, golf courses, bowling alleys, gambling establishments, amusements and recreation of all sorts, and all the sporting goods and gear the amateur athlete needs.

By looking at the graph shaped like the United States, you’ll see that most of the jobs in the business of sports don’t belong the athletes themselves. So how do people get these great jobs in the American sports business? The answer is training. This infographic shows the specific business skills, education and experiences you need to have in order to find your place in the big business of sports in America.

From: Top Business Degrees

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