The World of Mobile Telecommunications in India

In an age when recession is hitting the world hard and job seekers are going bananas in an attempt to be ahead of the rat race, the mobile telecom industry has heralded a whole array of job avenues. While the International market for mobiles has been witnessing a considerable boom for quite a long time now, the Indian mobile scenario is no less yielding. Thanks to the government for realizing the immense possibilities of the lucrative mobile market which has led to opening up of myriad job opportunities at different levels. Hence, if you are all set to venture out into the competitive world of jobs and endeavoring to shape up a bright career path, try your hands out into the mobile telecom market. Here is a peek into the Indian Telecom sector and the innumerable job benefits it brings.

Rising Popularity of Mobile Telecom

The metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai have been enjoying an upsurge in the number of jobs in the mobile telecom industry. And why not? With the growing numbers of population realizing the importance of mobiles and need for staying connected all the time, the growth in career opportunities is quite natural. Youths hanker after mobiles, the client base expands and foreign players and Head Honchos of the business cosmos take this opportunity to reap benefits of the growing market by investing in mobile telecommunications. The consequence- the mobile market is showering jobs for everyone. Whether you are a fresher hunting for a good career opportunity or an experienced professional looking out ways to take that quantum leap, the mobile industry is sure to take your career a notch higher.

The Big Shots in Indian Mobile Service Industry

Stepping into the Indian mobile telecom cosmos, you will be elated to get options of joining a number of top-notch companies, both private as well as government endeavors. While Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited offers its array of jobs in various segments such as Design, Communication, Management and Marketing, there are private ventures too which have carved out coveted niches for themselves. Some of the top names in the private telecommunications sector in the Indian arena include Vodafone Essar, Bharti Airtel, Siemens, Reliance, Idea, Aircel, Tata Teleservices and the likes. Hence whether you desire to trigger up your professional life with Vodafone careers or wish to pursue a government job, the telecom industry is brimming with Front Desk and Back Desk career options in various departments.

Future Telecom Job Prospects in India

With the advent of BWA and 3G spectrum, there has been a handsome surge of telecom jobs. Giant names in the telecom sectors are on the lookout for trained, certified and skilled personnel in the form of software and hardware engineers, mobile analysts as well as marketing professionals. The prospects that have opened up in front of telecom aspirants are huge with a number of opportunities in areas like GSM, CDMA, GPRS, VOIP and such other technologies demanding skilled know-how in the fields. In fact, with the growing numbers of foreign players employment opportunities are skyrocketing in this sector and is speculated to reach over 2,80,000 direct jobs by the end of 2013.

What Do You Need to Opt for a Telecom Career

If you do not have an Engineering or a Technical Degree in your pocket, do not look glum. For the telecom industry encourages non-engineering backgrounds too with ample opportunities for MBAs, Lawyers, sales representatives and others. And what’s more, the rewards are quite luring too and if you harness yourself with further training, well, you can dream of a bright career ahead.

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