A Career in Supply Chain Management

What Is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is a complex structure that primarily takes cares of the demand and supply of a company. It starts from procurement of raw materials to delivery across all segment groups. Processes within this first and last step include quality testing, operation, strategic order and manufacturing, business analysis, and operations research. This industry can be divided into two segments, one of durable procurement and delivery and the other being non-durable and its delivery. These two categories differ in terms of their product life cycles making itself available as a career opportune industry.

Scope and Growth of Supply Chain Management in India

Globalization, increased trade ties and deepening Free Trade Area (FTAs) have enhanced the need for improved supply chain management. Irrespective of the big parcels each day, there are billions of parcels being transferred intra and inter country. India’s trade has been on a rise and is expected to see no fall in the near years. With new entrepreneurship start-ups and flourishing businesses in every nook and corner, along with the Multinational food chains, fashion stores and other utilitarian goods and services stepping foot on the Indian economy, graduates and post graduates specializing in supply chain studies and even management techniques witness a strong demand. India’s supply chain management has picked pace, but with technology making success alive by leaps and bounds, there still lays immense scope for this sector.

Education Require

Being a management domain, supply chain courses are mostly a part of management institutions at graduate and undergraduate levels. Some technical institutes also offer higher level courses in the same. However, majority of the courses are Diplomas and post graduate options. If you are thinking of making it big in this field alone then make sure you graduate of BBA/B.Tech/B.E.

Career Prospects

Considering each company, manufacturing unit, or service provider producing any kind of goods and service needs to make arrangements starting from raw materials to delivery of the same, you will have ample opportunities to make it big with this career. Job profiles include procurement officers, supply planner, supply manager, purchase executives, material manager, implementation manager etc. The quickness with which these chains operate is commendable as the entire business of supply chain management is based and effective and timely delivery. You can select jobs based on your education and experience. For instance, log on to DHL careers where you can view different vacancies in categorization like management professionals, operations and support, along with roles for students and graduates.

Requirements from You

Supply chain graduates and management post graduates require being up-to-date with technology. This is because technology in this field moves to reduce the gap in the transport duration leading to quicker logistical solutions increasing the volumes successfully distributed. On the other hand, the supply chain professionals need to be quick and savvy in their work as a lag in their business decision could cost an entire tender and probably even the reputation of the employee at task.

These jobs too are incentive based especially if your profile demands sales in time. The growth of this industry cannot be undermined now or ever!

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