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Who We Are

Watchout.net is driven by a passionate team of writers and creators who take their personal experiences and expertise in different fields and share it with you, the readers. Too many blogs draw readers in with catchy headlines only to fall short on delivering the goods. We hope to cover every angle and aspect of a topic until you’ve reached information overload. From tips and tricks to guides, and everything in between, we sincerely hope that our thoroughly researched content helps you have a better time with your friends or get a better hold on how you’re going about tackling a project. Our knowledge base is vast and we hope to continue writing on anything and everything until you’ve hacked your way through whatever interests you.

As one of our writers puts it, “Watchout.net gives me an outlet to share my knowledge with a wider audience to hopefully make a positive difference. Alone, I may not be able to contribute much more than a few guides here and there, but together [us writers] we can hopefully pass on some cool information and solid tips to people looking for them.”

The Social Hacks Story

Without getting too personal, Watchout.net started as a personal hobby project by two content creators who were pretty tired with the way content providing had gone on the Internet. Writers and creators were providing, pardon our French, half-assed information about topics they didn’t necessarily know much about in order to make a quick buck.

We saw the need for a quality website that provided not only a few tips and tricks (aptly called ‘hacks’), but also gave people a one-stop-shop for comprehensive guides and information about the topics they’re researching. Instead of floundering across the web trying to compile tidbits from everywhere, we wanted to make sure that every article we published was as comprehensive as humanly possible so that our readers actually felt like they learned something new and could put their new knowledge to work in the real world.

What Now?

Well, hopefully now that you’ve gotten an idea of who we are, we can ask to get to know you better as well. We know that not every one of our guides may be pertinent to your interests, but we ask that you sign up to our email list so that we can not only keep you up to date with new guides and information, but to also help us to get to know you better as well. No, really. Without our readers, we’d be nothing. Quite honestly, we’re surprised our website has grown as much as it has in the short time that it’s been online. If you think you have an interesting story to tell or a guide you’d like to write, please let us know.

Here’s to quality content, no BS, and a bright future for both the readers and everyone involved at Watchout.net. Thanks for visiting. Cheers!

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