3463 Words of Bodybuilding Tips, Hacks and Advice – Complete Guide

OK, so we’ve discussed a lot of cardiovascular exercises on the blog already and I figured it was time to step it up a notch and start talking about some bodybuilding exercises. Today’s topics will include some basic bodybuilding exercises as well as important tips for people to use if they’re just getting started with working all of their muscle groups or for the folks who have been bodybuilding for a while and need a few extra pointers to take things to the next level.

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How Long Does it Really Take to Lose Weight

If you’re asking the question because you’re worried that it may take too long, then please stop reading this article now. While there are shortcut methods to burn off a few pounds right before a big day that can last in the short run, any major changes you try and make to your physical appearance are going to take much longer. If you’re not ready for the long haul when losing weight, you’re destined to fail.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult, but just as you put weight on over time (not overnight), it’ll take about the same amount of time to get rid of it all again. Don’t worry though; I know that you have the motivation and ability to lose the pounds without giving up.

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Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

I don’t know where this myth started, but hopefully it can be better explained in this article. While drinking water is very important to healthy bodily function, by itself it can’t actually help you lose any type of weight. Instead, it helps your body better metabolize fat, which in turn helps you shed those extra pounds.

I’ve done my best to explain why the water myth exists and why it’s thought that it can help you lose weight, as well as give you some reasons why drinking plenty of water during the day is important if you’re a workout junkie like myself. So, let’s jump straight into it.

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My Personal Trainer – A Personal Success Story and Motivational Advice

Today’s post isn’t going to be as informational as other ones I’ve done, but I’d like to inspire others who are either getting started with their own personal training goals and those that are having trouble sticking with it. Like you, I had to start somewhere and my beginning fitness plans weren’t exactly what you could call substantial. I’ve since developed my skills into great exercises that not only help me stay fit, but also keep me healthy so I can enjoy a happy and productive life.

Today’s post is going to explain how a personal trainer can help you better your fitness progress and give you an insight into what my personal trainer did to help me along. And because I understand a lot of the readers of this blog may not have the money to afford a personal trainer each month, I’m going to give some tips on how you can get the same types of workouts without an expensive trainer.

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Fat Burning Exercises – Pick Your Favorite One

One of the number one questions I get in my inbox every morning is about fat burning exercises. While many people use workout time to hopefully lose some weight and get into better shape, many folks just don’t have any clue what they should be doing to ensure that fat and weight loss actually occur.

Today’s article is going to break down some of my favorite fat burning exercises for you so that you can get on track with your fitness goals and hopefully shed some pounds in time for the holidays.

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How Do I Get Into Shape?

The topic of today’s article is definitely going to be a bit broad, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I often hear and see people at the gym looking to get “into shape.” While it’s definitely a formidable goal to have, a lot of people are many times, blinded by their own definition of the phrase and end up failing at their exercise routines before they even make any progress.

Today’s blog post will cover how to set goals for yourself so that you can actually get yourself into shape, but will also cover what exercises you can do and what programs you can follow to actually make the changes you want to make to your body. Today’s article should be a lot of fun and should be inspirational to all who read it, so I hope you stick through it and enjoy!

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So You Want To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks Huh?

So, you want to lose weight quickly? While losing weight generally takes a while to do, considering your body has to not only burn calories but also extra fat, there are some tips and tricks you can utilize to lose weight in just 2 or 3 weeks.

If you stick to your guns and follow these guidelines properly, there’s no reason why you can’t shed a few extra pounds before your mother in law or friends come into town for the weekend. Let’s first dispel some myths about losing weight, as well as cover some of the basics of losing weight quickly.

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Fitness Courses – The Skinny on Where to Get Skinny

We all know that it’s difficult to not only lose weight, but also find the time and motivation to do so as well. What you’ll find below is my best attempt to compile all of the information I can about where you can start getting fit, how much it’ll cost you, and how you can fit it all into your busy schedule.

As a working adult myself, I know that it can be tough to try and cram everything into your day that you’d like to. Hopefully armed with information you’ll be able to start getting fit without completely interrupting your regular routine.

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Protein Supplements – Why You Need Them and How Much?

If you’re getting serious about working out, it may be time to start taking protein supplements to help your muscles not only heal properly, but grow. In addition to the protein you receive in your diet, protein supplements give you the extra protein you need for serious workouts, both before and after you hit the gym.

My post today is going to go over not only what protein supplements are and which ones are best for you, but also some things to watch out for on the tubs you can buy online. Although they’re cheap, they may not necessarily be the healthiest for you. And with that, let’s dive right in.

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