Become Self Employed – 5 Good Reasons

Perhaps you’ve been at the same job for too long or perhaps you’ve only just started, but you can already tell that you hate your boss. If you are considering becoming self employed, or want to go the freelancer’s route, then I am pleased to tell you that there are a hell of a lot of reasons to go ahead with the decision. Here are my top five –

No more waiting for a pay raise

The working life of the self employed person is radically different from those employed for many reasons but one of the key differences is that you decide how much you earn. Admittedly you don’t have a remote control to make the decision or anything but if you work hard and you are good at what you do, you automatically make more money. When you have a regular job, the amount you earn is based not on how good you are but how good your boss thinks you are and there can at times be a pretty drastic difference. Bear in mind though, if you’re one of those people that is very good at looking busy but doesn’t actually do a whole lot, then this doesn’t really mix very well with self employment.

No more waiting for the weekend

Every day has the potential to be Sunday when you are self employed. Admittedly, it is important that every day isn’t Sunday but if you are feeling blue because your girlfriend just left you, you’re sick because you drank too much the night before or there just happens to be something good on the television, then you can just take a day off. This does however highlight one of the key disciplines required to be self employed and that is discipline. Without a boss, you need to be the boss and if you’re not willing to shout at yourself then nobody else will so you will just be broke and sitting in absolute silence.

No more work clothes

Considering for some forms of self employment you don’t even need to leave the house, you can forget all about wearing business suits or McDonald’s uniforms, whatever may be the case. Though in some forms of self employment, looking professional is key, in most of its forms, the only key is comfort. If you are somebody that has been in regular employment where the form of clothing is dictated, you would be surprised just how liberating that fire in your back garden can be.

No more rush hour mornings

Yes, admittedly the sun will rise, which many consider a good thing, but there will no more of those mornings. You’re mornings for the rest of your life will be completely different. You can set your work hours to a time of day that suits you best and more importantly to a time of day that is not identical to everyone else’s. Therefore no more rush hour. If you have to leave you’re home in order to work, you can do so without traffic. If you’re used to getting up at seven am, provided you put in the same amount of hours, you can start at ten am instead. This also applies to lunch time queues and the evening rush hour. You will finally be on a different schedule to everyone else, so you can say goodbye to endless hours every week dealing with crowds both on the road and in the lunch queue.

No more boss

For many this is the factor that motivates them to make the jump to self employment. The idea of waking up in the morning and knowing that you decide what happens with your day. The idea that you do not need to smile or show respect to those considered above you. The idea that you can be in charge. It can be both terrifying and incredibly liberating to be completely in charge of everything. While all of the risk suddenly becomes yours so does all of the reward. Many people feel undervalued at their jobs. Becoming self employed means that your skills are now on the market so you get to find out whether you were right.