Collecting Dolls

Antique Doll

Collecting dolls goes back in time quite a ways. There are people who collect nothing except old and antique dolls. Other people will collect any doll that may become of value in the future.

Some of the very first dolls ever made were actually made of cloth. The first cloth doll I remember as a child is the Raggedy Ann doll. As time passed, technology took great strides towards advancement. Another great collectible would become the cabbage patch dolls. Those dolls were very popular for a long time and are today a very valuable collectable.


Paper dolls hit the scene for a brief moment. These dolls, made completely of paper, were easily cut out and made an easy doll. These were mostly popular among the younger children and really did not become a huge collectible.

Wax dolls are another original collectible all the way back from the 19th century. These dolls were wax sculpted over a paper mache body and were very adorable. Collectors did shy away from these dolls to begin with due to their frailty. A true collector does not look for the cut and bruises on a doll though. A true wax doll collector looks for the essence of the 19th century.

After cloth dolls came plastic dolls. Everyone should remember the two very popular dolls that took America by storm when they came out. The Barbie doll and the G.I. Joe doll were great improvements in doll making history. These dolls forever branded themselves in American history as being the best dolls on the market. The Barbie doll and the G.I. Joe doll became instantly popular and a big collectible item.

Collecting dolls can be a fun and entertaining hobby. It will allow you to collect beautiful works of art that will actually increase in value, as it gets older. Just be sure to keep your dolls in their original casing and are kept at a reasonable room temperature.